Grass Fed beef

organic vegetables

Our Pastured Beef

Our cows live on green valleys, and drink water from lush springs. We
only purchase beef from farms that are family owned, and where the cows
roam free. Although this makes for a more expensive finished product,
the nutrition and taste are worth it.

Our process is mostly hand done.
We use hands (not machines) to clean & slice our beef. Our marinades
are prepared by professional chefs. After soaking, each piece of beef
is hung to dry for days, in circulating warm air. We chip the beef (this
time using a machine), then individually hand pack and label.

Each marinated and hand cut completed batch
is slightly different, and variations in both meat and the finished
product are to be expected. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us

If you are a local purveyor, and would like us to potentially use your beef, please contact us with details. We love to support local!

Our newest batch of 'Honey BBQ' features beef from Simply Grazin. This family owned farm sells their products at their storefront, Skillman Farm Market.