Amazing Health Benefits of Organic Grass Fed Beef

Amazing Health Benefits of Organic Grass Fed Beef

One of the most nutrient-dense proteins available is grass-fed beef. Grass-fed (or grass-finished) and organic are two very distinct things. To use the organic label, farmers must finish a certification process that might take up to three years. Organic goods (like organic beef) must be grown or raised without the use of toxic pesticides, genetic engineering (GMOs), or sewer sludge; that is what Willows Tsnacks offers you. Let’s explore the unique health benefits of buying organic grass fed beef.

It has fewer calories

Because grass-fed cattle eat a more natural and clean diet, their beef has a lower overall fat level. The quantity of calories you may save is astonishing, despite the fact that it will cost you about $300 extra each year. What is stopping you from choosing organic grass fed beef?

Supports healthy blood sugar levels

CLA is a type of healthy fatty acid found in organic grass fed beef (conjugated linoleic acid). CLA can aid in the prevention of a variety of diseases and ailments, including obesity and diabetes. If you're insulin resistant, eating sweet and spicy beef jerkywhile following a keto-genic diet will help you lower your blood glucose levels.

Helps to fight cancer

When compared to grain-fed cattle, organic grass-fed beef has nearly twice the amount of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). The majority of naturally occurring nutrients with anticarcinogenic qualities come from plant sources; however CLA is one of the few anticancer nutrients that come from meat.

Contains healthy fats

Furthermore, organic grass-fed beef has up to six times the amount of omega-3 fatty acids as grain-fed meat. Grain-fed beef, on the other hand, has a higher concentration of omega–6 fatty acids, which are already abundant in most American diets. When shopping, you can pick sweet and spicy beef jerky to increase the intake of healthy fats.

Contains less bacteria

According to several researches, commercial beef is more likely to contain bacteria than grass-fed beef. Consumer Reports examined 300 packets of ground beef in one of its largest surveys. In three of the grain-fed samples, they discovered antibiotic-resistant bacteria called methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), but none in the grass-fed ones.

At Willows Tsnacks, we only raise grass-fed animals since it is the most ethical and sustainable method. Although it will take longer and cost us more, we believe it is worthwhile. We can assure that our animals live happy lives and that our meat is of the finest quality this way. It's also a lot better for the environment as we can protect local biodiversity, increase soil fertility, and alleviate waste management difficulties associated with restricted cow sheds by rotating the animals around different pastures. Looking for organic grass fed beef, just contact us today!

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